Workspace Revamp - New (to me) Mirrors

My workspace in our apartment was in dire condition, so dire that I am not showing any before pictures! It was dark in the corner that I work in, so I revamped some mirrors I found at the thrift store to reflect some of the light from our one set of windows in the living room.
They were super dirty, and cost me a whole $1.50 for the three of them. I loved the shape, but not their gaudy gold color...So, two coats of dark blue acrylic paint later.....
New snazzy mirrors. They really do bring a lot of light to my formerly sad and lonely corner. I also hung a little string with some clothespins attached to hang prints from. I have an ever expanding little print collection, and I like to rotate them in and out, so this was the perfect solution for me.

Lastly, I love my secretary desk!! My Gma and Gpa C gave it to me when we moved in. It is my favorite piece of furniture. Plenty of storage in the drawers, and I can hide away all of my messes when I'm not working on something. Have a great weekend!!


  1. Love the mirrors, they look great being hung horizontally, I wouldn't have thought of doing it that way. Plus I am very inspired by the string, I am running out of places to put photos and string and pegs is a genius idea. I have a set of shelves beside my pc begging to have string hanging from them.

  2. Love it, Cassie - it really reflects your personality! :)

  3. Very cool idea with the mirrors. I love that you put them horizontal rather than vertical. The string and clothespins is also awesome.

  4. my parents have a secretary desk. it used to be in my bedroom when i was young and i always played on it. I was a designer and people called to place orders for a custom dress. can i come over and play that on your desk?

  5. Thanks guys!!

    And yes Ann, you are welcome to come play at my desk anytime. That sounds a little naughty-hahah.