Old Sheet to New Rug!

We needed a new bathroom rug, so I looked around online and found a bunch of people making rugs from old t-shirts, but I didn't really want to take all of the time to cut all of the shirts. I thought I would try this with a bed sheet instead. Here is the finished project! I love it, it is super cushy and the texture is really fun.
The sheet I got was a king size flat sheet (for $1!) and it was 100% cotton. To get it into a continuous strip, I cut off all f the edges, and then I cut a notch about 1" from the side and tore it almost to the end of the sheet. Then I cut another notch and tore it in the opposite direction making one really long zig-zag strip. Then I crocheted it into a big rectangle until I ran out of yarn. I love the texture!!I had a little bit of the sheet left over and so I decided to make a little pot holder. I also got a little wooden box at the thrift store. I love tiny boxes and containers. I always fill them with buttons or beads.Tomorrow the show that I'm in opens at the Jack Olson Gallery on campus. The opening is at 4:30pm! I have two pieces in the show, so if you come out, make sure to say hello!


  1. Thanks for the link. I watched it and was amazed on how easy she got her sweater to unravel. I had no clue that the whole tread could unravel like that. I got the sleeves done-with much effort though-but I think my problem is that my yarn choices are too small or frayed. I dont know. Her yarn looked all nice and plump, and the seams were easy to spot, unlike mine.

    I made slippers out of fabric once. :)

  2. Brilliant! I've got to try this!

  3. Brilliant! I've often wondered how to do that - your explanation was very helpful. Now I'm going to scour the Good Will for old sheets.

  4. Thanks guys!!
    I really want to make a giant one now. And chair covers. Hmmm...