I went with the hubby's family to see Wicked in Chicago last weekend. It was a good show, and we stayed at an amazing hotel, but I think it could have been a little nicer outside- haha.
Nothing like a good windy-ass sleet storm to get you in the mood to go walking around downtown!
Lastly, in lieu of nice weather, I've been doing some preliminary planning for the trip I want to take this summer. Nate and I, and possibly some others, are going to take a train up to Glacier National Park and camp/hike/paint for a week and a half. We are fairly set as far as camping gear goes, but we needed a nice backpack for Nate. Anyways, we were at the thrift store the other day, and *poof* right in front of me is this never-been-used $100 backpack with a $4.50 price tag on it.
I might have done a happy dance, or two.


  1. I buy (87 cent- $1.50)books at thriftshops or at the library dollar sale (donated books)...and now I can't buy books new for 8 dollars anymore without grinding my teeth completely flat.

  2. Yay! I'm happy for you! Congrats! I hope that Dejan and I will get to see you soon. Dejan said that he misses you guys the other day!