Special Delivery

Look at what was waiting for me when I got back home earlier this week:It came just in time, I've only got about 4oz of wool left from my last big order! This time around I upgraded from domestic wool to lovely merino. I also threw in about a pound of falkland wool and a pound of mohair locks to play around with. I can't wait to get some of this dyed! It is about 13lbs all together, and will probably be gone within a few months....
Speaking of spinning, here's a pretty little skein I whipped up right after getting home from Door County:
It is the exact colors of an astro-pop! Perfect for summer and the 4th of July.


  1. Oooh -- can;t wit to see what you are going to make with your new blank "canvas"!

  2. Thanks, I can't wait to dye it, it is SO soft!

  3. Sweet flying monkeys! That is a lot of wool!!!!!!! (My mouth is watering right now!) Have fun with the spinning!

  4. Oh, I made a blog-along type of thing that's called "Dye Your Fibers!" We would love it if you joined too, you're such a great dyer too!
    Here's the LINK. If you wanna join, just email me at: angelgirl_22@msn.com so I can send you the invite to the blog.