Relaxing in Door County

Sorry for the week long hiatus, I've been in Door County for the last few days with Nate and his family. It has been very relaxing, and slightly gluttonous. We couldn't have asked for any better weather.
Here we are at one of the many wonderful places where we dined. Don't you admire my ability to take a picture of myself?
I think this was the only time Nate didn't order a beer....

This is the view from sunset beach at sunset! Imagine that! I'm sad to be leaving tomorrow, but there is always next year to look forward to. The rest of this week we will be going back home, and then to our parent's houses, and then to Dekalb to look for a place to live.

In non-vacation related news, I've been working on a pattern for a cute and simple shrug for my Etsy site, but I haven't found the "perfect" yarn for it yet. I would love something widely available, but not really low quality. I was thinking along the lines of wool-ease, or a cotton/wool blend, but I'm not really sure yet. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!


  1. Nice shot of the boat, the sun setting behind it really adds to the photo.

  2. awww, you guys look so great together! looks like you're having a fun and relaxing time! great photo of the boat too!

  3. Hi Cassie!!!! Thank you for your wonderful comments on my last couple of paintings. It was not my intention to make you feel "lazy" lol. Quite the contrary my dear, look at all of the travelling you have been doing, and the amazing jewelery and yarns you've been working on. I think you have far outdone me...... I did want to commend you on your picture taking skills, and I'm glad you had such a fruitful time in Door County. Its been ages since I've been there.... I hope we can get together sometime before you go to Dekalb to paint!

  4. Thanks for the comments on the photos guys, I had such a great time. Door County is so relaxing, I would love to move there someday.

  5. Holy flying monkeys!!! That sunset is gorrrrrrrgeous! You're soo lucky to be there!