Rainy Days

This is what it looked like from our balcony this morning:It seemed fitting that today was such a dismal rainy day. That's kind of the mood I've been in since coming back home after my four day excursion.

I have had a very busy week for someone without a real job, and am enjoying a little bit of time off today with the man in my life. In the span of four days, I've traveled close to 800 miles by car, went to visit both grandparents, my parents, attended a funeral for a friend's sister, did the 5k at the Race for the Cure, and went to the monthly art walk at the very end. I am drained both physically and mentally.

I did manage to get around to taking pictures of some of the yarns I've been making for my Etsy shop. Here are a few of them:I should have a little bit more to show you this week, I will hopefully be finishing a big batch of necklaces fairly soon. Wish me luck!


  1. Wow-- you make stunning colorways & spinning!! Truly gorgeous! It's eye candy....

    I have a question. Do you use a drop spindle ever? I was wondering if it's normal for the yarn to twist on itself. I know that sounds bad, but it I don't get it to that point, the yarn doesn't seem spun enough...
    Merci. :)

  2. Thanks Anna! Most of the time I just "wing" my colors- hah!

    I started on a spindle, and yes, that is normal. You have two options, you can either ply the yarn onto itself to neutralize the twist, or you can "set the twist" by soaking it, ringing it out, and then drying it with a light weight pulling the skein straight. If you don't do this, the knitted yarn will slant totally in the direction of the twist. But yes, it is totally normal. As you start spinning more and more, you will eventually catch on to what a "good" amount of spin is. Hope this helps!

  3. Thanks for the tips Cassie! I'll try it out sometime. I'll have to continue with the single ply, because i'm hoping that i'll maybe have enough for anklet socks... but when I get more fiber, i'll try to double it up.
    Aw, thanks. I like the designer bag a lot too. I'm going to make bags again soon this summer. I'm really getting into clutches, lately...

    p.s- I love nature too! lol. I love taking naturey pics. I need to post a few once and a while onto my blog.
    p.p.s- you sort of have to wing colors, unless you've been doing it for years. You'll leave some room for surprises-- hopefully good ones. My last yarn dying extravaganzas were winged.. but turned out better than I originally expected. Ha ha. I did add a lot of dyes though.