More Pics!

As promised, here is a picture of the wedding invite! The flowers on the top are all hand painted watercolored stamps that are raised up on foam stickies. I was glad to have a bunch of helping hands with these as well on Sunday. They are about 80% finished, and my goal is to get them done by the end of the weekend.
I also whipped up this pretty skien today. It is 100% domestic wool plied with an orange thread. I really like the texture of it, it is sport to worsted weight.


  1. Cassie!
    I love your invitations, they're so beautiful! It was nice to hear from you, and thank you for adding my little blog to your page! It seems like you are having a very busy but very excitingly productive summer! I have been thinking about applying to DeKalb next fall..... we will see, we will see :) Hugs ~

  2. I like the invites, great job on them.

    Strangely enough right after I was looking at your blog the other day a whole special about making yarn and roving was on Discovery. It was in an industrial setting so I'm sure its not much like what you're doing.

  3. Such pretty and creative invites... very nice.

  4. I'm glad to see someone else making their wedding invites & stuff! I'm still in the process of consolidating my ideas, but I know my colors are pink, green & (brown, for the background of the paper).

    Happy crafting for it & good luck with the rest of your planning. :)

  5. Yea, so Cassie, I don't have my invite...I must have left it at your house the other day. I've looked all around my place (which isn't saying much I know considering the state of my place). Anyway, just thouht I would let you know.