I'm a Machine!

I have been working on a TON of stuff the last few days, and thought I would share some pictures of what I've been doing.
These are some of the acid-dyed rovings that I have been working on:I have also been making dozens of polymer and wood hand-painted pendants and beads. I hope to get these listed in my store pretty soon, I am waiting on the availability of Nate's vehicle so I can run to Hobby Lobby and get some stringing materials. I am also contemplating setting up shop for the Art Walk this Saturday, but I don't know if I can get my act together that soon!


  1. You have been busy, and sid is adorable. I'd love to trade links with you let me know if you're interested.

    Sandra Eileen

  2. Great pendants! Very cute and you have a great store- love the bunny hats and giraffe onesie set.

  3. http://epositivedesigns.blogspot.com/
    Tag - you're it!